Saguenay international
short film festival


Every year, hundreds of Quebecers die in such dire circumstances that their bodies are neither claimed nor honoured.
In 2014, l’Abbé Paradis created a ceremony to celebrate the lives of these people.

Production :
Megan Durnford Productions
Contact :
Music :
Hugh Durnford-Dionne
Screenplay :
Megan Durnford
Editing :
Hugh Durnford-Dionne
Cinematographer :
Hugh Durnford-Dionne

  • Megan Durnford

    A born storyteller, Megan Durnford is a Montreal-based writer and documentary filmmaker.
    Megan made her first foray into documentary film with Just A Lawn (2007) a short documentary about the dark side of “perfect” lawns. In 2012, Megan directed Une brique à la fois, an affectionate portrayal of four Quebec adult LEGO builders. This 45 minute documentary was nominated for a Golden Sheaf Award (Documentary Arts/Culture) at the Yorkton Film Festival. It was broadcast on Canal D in Quebec. In 2017, Megan directed I Am Still Your Child. This documentary film, about the impact of parental mental illness on children, was broadcast on national CBC.
    Megan has studied documentary film at IDFAcademy in Amsterdam.