Saguenay international
short film festival


Every Sunday, Hudson returns to Park Extension to see his father. Along the way, he runs into his childhood friend, Baki. Together, they wander their old stomping grounds, just like when they were kids. As they walk, Hudson reminisces about how the neighbourhood shaped who he has become.

Production :
Distribution :
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Music :
Jean-Philippe Hébert
Sound designer :
René Portillo
Cast :
Hudson Couamin and Baki Nida Yurtsev
Editing :
Luis Bertrand
Cinematographer :
Alex Margineanu
Screenplay :
Nily Louis
Producer :
Patrick Saad

  • Ayesha Sheikh

    Ayesha Sheikh was born in Montreal. The only daughter of a Peruvian mother and a Pakistani father, she spent her early childhood in Cusco with her grandparents. Upon returning to Canada, she went to school in French and then studied art and film at the Université de Montréal. Ayesha has been working in the audiovisual industry for over a decade.