Saguenay international
short film festival


A nightmare in reverie: five young queer people are admitted into a clinic to undergo conversion therapy. Between several different and harrowing methods aiming to change sexual orientation or gender identity, the sterile space of abject trauma struggles to suppress the abundance and beauty of queer love.

Contact :
Animation :
Amie Nowlan
Music :
Hannah Holland
Screenplay :
Evan Jones
Editing :
Joseph Wilson
Cinematographer :
Ronnie McQuillan

In competition for :

Best Short & Queer award

Audience award Focus competition

  • Joseph Wilson

    Joseph Wilson is a queer artist, filmmaker and drag performer living amongst the eclectic East London community. His work explores LGBTQ+ narratives, taking inspiration from his own lived experiences as well as documenting the people and places around him, amplifying their voices and celebrating their stories through art.