Saguenay international
short film festival

Short & Queer

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For a second year, Short & Queer takes a unique look at sexual and gender diversity. In Outside Center, Desmond joins a rugby team in Munich and finally finds an open and safe community. Dildotectonics transports us to Portugal, where Rebeca creates a collection of non-phallic ceramic dildos. In the drawing class that provides the setting for L’Esquisse (The Sketch), Quentin sketches Linda, in the process learning how to draw his own body. On a more experimental note, I Can See The Sun but I Can't Feel It Yet takes us inside the nightmarish experience of five young queer people who’ve been sent to a conversion-therapy clinic. With music by Bom Bae, Club Kid Alley brings a wild party spirit to the selection, providing a perfect lead-in to the syncopated beats of Boléro, in which Fran explores desires that will lead her, and her whole village, to a joyfully erotic climax. A selection that makes us want to embrace every identity!

Length : 01H30
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