Saguenay international
short film festival


Inuit folklore has always dealt with community and drew inspiration from the immediate environment—the ice, sea, and land. As a people, we thrived in proximity to the Arctic ice, yet what happens now, as the ice is disappearing, will affect not just the Inuit communities of the far North, but everyone. Told from an Indigenous perspective and intertwined with Greenlandic folklore the film explores the decades old relationship between Inuit of Greenland and the ice cap, set against the backdrop of the current climate crisis.

Production :
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Music :
Frederik Elsner
Sound designer :
Jukka Wagnholt
Editing :
Inuk Jørgensen
Cinematographer :
Inuk Jørgensen

  • Inuk Jørgensen

    Inuk Jørgensen is an award-winning short film writer and director. As an Indigenous filmmaker, he focusses on aesthetic images and personal stories that touch upon the identity, history, and culture of the Greenlandic Inuit people.