Saguenay international
short film festival


Quebec Critics Award AQCC winning film

Today is the 167th annual moult, a ceremony to promote ideological renewal. This year, in this countryside village, it is Ben and his parents' turn to experience the moult.

Production :
Rayuela Production
Distribution :
Agence Belge du Court Métrage
Contact :
Sound designer :
Gianluca Kegelaert
Screenplay :
Salomé Crickx
Cinematographer :
Edouard Outters

In competition for :

Grand Prize

Jury Award

Quebec Critic Award AQCC

Public Award - Official Competition

  • Salomé Crickx

    Salomé Crickx is a director, actor and stage director from Brussels. Graduated from the Conservatoire de Mons in Drama, she started her career in theatre in 2015. In 2018, she adapted and directed Lutte des classes with Iacopo Bruno, at the Théâtre des Martyrs. Her filmmaking career starts in 2020. Se dit d’un cerf qui quitte son bois is her first short.