Saguenay international
short film festival


In an insular city’s ghetto, in the midst of a trance ritual, a young girl is paralysed by fear. She is afraid her loved ones may be hurt or even disappear. It is then that her grandmother tells her the strange tale of Edwardo, the first one of his kind to have seen and fought death.

Production :
Dobro Films
Distribution :
La Kourmétragerie
Contact :
Music :
Jako Maron
Screenplay :
Vincent Fontano
Cast :
Nadjani Bullin, Françoise Guimbert, Nicolas Moucazambo and Sihame Saïd Ouma
Editing :
Elodie Fouqueau
Cinematographer :
Vadim Alsayed

In competition for :

Grand Prize

Jury Award

Quebec Critic Award AQCC

Public Award - Official Competition

  • Vincent Fontano

    Vincent Fontano – Reunionese playwright, actor, reader of James Baldwin – has always been interested in filmmaking. In 2019, he directed his first short film, Blaké, produced by We Film. He won the France Televisions prize. In 2021, he directed his second short film, Sèt Lam, produced by Dobro Films and filmed in Reunion Island, his native land.