Saguenay international
short film festival


Attempting a backflip is not safe. You can break your neck, or land on your head, or land badly on your wrists. None of that is nice, so my avatar does the trick.

Production :
Miyu Productions
Distribution :
Miyu Distribution
Contact :
Music :
David Kamp
Screenplay :
Nikita Diakur
Editing :
Nikita Diakur

In competition for :

Jury Award

Best Animation Short Film Award

Quebec Critic Award AQCC

Public Award - Official Competition

  • Nikita Diakur

    Nikita Diakur is a Russian-born filmmaker based in Germany. He is best known for his projects “Ugly” and “Fest”, which have received critical acclaim at film festivals around the world. His signature style is dynamic computer simulation that embraces spontaneity, randomness, and error.