Saguenay international
short film festival


The power of stories, told over many nights, over many years, through all the languages across the world, are encapsulated in an intimate story between a grandmother and her children’s children on a clear winter night in the teepee. This short is exhibited at the Indigenous Peoples Experience cultural centre in Fort Edmonton Park.

Production :
Hidden Story Productions Ltd.
Distribution :
E.D. Films
Contact :
Animation :
Alien Ma Alfonso, Jean-Guilhem Barguès, David Barlow-Krelina, Misha Bellerive, Stephanie Bitton, Marc-André Bourgoin, Celia Bullwinkel, Fred Casia, Simon Cottee, Archita Ghosh, Daniel Gies, David Goldstyn, Cielle Graham, Marc-Alain Grenon, Eric Max Kaplin, Emily Paige, Frédérique Parenteau, David Poirier, Louis Roy, Christopher Schmier, Malcolm Sutherland, Roxann Vaudry-Read and Kassia Ward
Music :
Duane Janvier, David KaKeesim-McGilvery, Adrian LaChance, Bronson LaChance, Kihew LaChance, Leo McGilvery, Priscilla McGilvery, Marilyn North Peigan, Ernest Poundmaker, Carol Powder, Ruth Scalplock and Noah Simon
Sound designer :
Dewi Wood
Screenplay :
Barry Bilinsky
Cast :
Darlene Auger, Ekti Margaret Cardinal, Leo and Priscilla McGilvery and Jerry and JoAnn Saddleback
Artistic direction :
David Garneau

In competition for :

Public Award - Youth Competition

  • Barry Bilinsky

    Barry is a professional theatre creator of Cree, Metis, and Ukrainian heritage. Based in Alberta, he has worked across Canada on projects centered primarily around the proliferation of Indigenous arts, artists and collaborations. Barry is committed to developing safe, authentic, respectful creations that challenge the overarching cultural assumptions we often face in the performing arts community.