Saguenay international
short film festival


Ten women are connected by a telephone chaine. When one of them is missing, they try to find her to make sure she's safe. But, who will they forget in the process ?

Production :
Kino Montréal
Contact :
Sound designer :
Olivier Bole
Screenplay :
Julie Roy
Cast :
Juliette Gariépy, Schelby Jean-Baptiste and Laurence Latreille
Editing :
Justine Gauthier
Cinematographer :
François Pesant

In competition for :

Public Award - Official Competition

International FIPRESCI Critic’s Award

Jury Prize

  • Julie Roy

    First in love with visual art and cinema, Julie became a versatile artist. She started out as a screenwriter (INIS 2009). Then she moved on to directing with several short films that traveled to festivals around the globe. Her worlds combine genre codes, art and feminism. At the same time, she is a youth author for popular shows, such as the web series NOMADES broadcast on TOU.TV (4 Gemeaux awards 2019, Numix 2020). She also devotes herself to script-editing, like on the hit zombie film LES AFFAMÉS by Robin Aubert. She explores the form of the music video (Rosie Valland). She is currently working on a first feature film, as well as two web series with TOU.TV.