Saguenay international
short film festival


André Forcier's second film, in which he plays one of the leading roles, is a delirious farce that cheerfully blends archival footage, colorful and black-and-white fictional shots. It revolves around themes of betrayal, Labrador, and "Québec libre".

Production :
Onyx Films
Distribution :
Cinémathèque québécoise
Contact :
Music :
Marylise Labonté
Cast :
Pierre Caron, Jacques Chenail, Robert Coursineau, Pierre David, André Forcier, Jean-Pierre Labonté and Fernand Roy
Editing :
Jacques Chenail
Cinematographer :
François Gill

  • André Forcier

    André Forcier produced and directed his first short, Chroniques labradoriennes, in 1966. Then at the start of his career, he accepts various jobs to finance his first feature film, Le Retour de l’Immaculée Conception. In 1974, after the success of Bar Salon, Forcier receives from Vittorio De Sica the “Sirène d’argent” at the Sorrente festival, in Italy. He goes on to direct several films with a haunting, surreal atmosphere (L’eau chaude l’eau frette, Au clair de la lune, Kalamazoo, Une histoire inventée, Le Vent du Wyoming, La Comtesse de Baton Rouge). After a few minor works, he comes back in 2009 with Je me souviens, considered by many to be his best film. He is the first Canadian filmmaker to have a retrospective at the Cinémathèque français in 1987. In 2003, he won the Albert-Tessier prize and, in Marc 2010, he won the Governor General’s Award, the highest media arts distinction in Canada. Coteau Rouge, his 12 feature film, was chosen as the opening film for the 35th World Film Festival in Montreal, in 2011.