Saguenay international
short film festival


Bonays, an Afro dance teacher, undertakes an initiative to rescue young people from the crime that stalks Quibdó, the city with the highest homicide rates in Colombia. This is how Black Boys Chocó emerged, a dance company where hundreds of young people face brutal destinies through a passion. Unless We Dance portrays union and dance as the greatest expression of shielding the Afro people; it is a tribute to their act of resilience and to all the lives that have been lost along the way.

Production :
Páramo Films SAS
Distribution :
FilmsToFestivals Distribution Agency
Contact :
Sound designer :
Angel Alonso Sarmiento
Editing :
Juan Sebastián Rincón
Cinematographer :
Hanz Rippe Gabriel
Artistic direction :
Daniela Rivano

  • Hanz Rippe Gabriel

    Film director and cinematographer. As co-founder of Páramo Films, he is dedicated to the production of documentaries in Latin America, highlighting the realities and social, cultural, and humanitarian issues of the region.

  • Fernanda Pineda Palencia

    Graduated from the Cinematographic Research Center, Argentina. She is a photographer, director, producer, and Co-director of Páramo Films. With more than 8 years of experience in documentary, she has approached indigenous, Afro, and rural communities, telling stories in the context of the Colombian conflict and post-conflict.