Saguenay international
short film festival


A hunter on the prowl. A stag in a scope. A finger on the trigger. But then—a crack. A smack from a faceless hooded figure. A knockout, and darkness.
After an indefinite time, the hunter wakes up naked, deep in the forest. From there, everything will be different—and certainly not what you would expect.

Production :
Self produced without Production House
Distribution :
Self Distibution
Contact :
Music :
Screenplay :
Cyprian Hercka
Cast :
Thomas Brandlmeier and Fritz Fenne
Editing :
Cyprian Hercka
Cinematographer :
Timm Lange

  • Cyprian Hercka

    Cyprian is a multi-award-winning freelance director and artist. The son of an artist couple, Cyprian seems to have inherited the creative gene from the cradle. At the age of 10, he did his first solo exhibition. At 13, with his first VHS camera, he discovered his love of film. Since then, Cyprian has never stopped creating worlds—without a god complex. As a creative. As a director.