Saguenay international
short film festival

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As always, we enjoy this annual celebration, both frightening and grotesque. A mouth-watering program, certainly, but far from appetizing. We stuff ourselves silly in the blink of an eye with Chewy Thanksgiving, without taking into account A Fermenting Woman's food intolerances. Affentanz-Hunter doesn’t pay any mind to the hunter who knows how to hunt, without his dog, for a delectable dish that turns on him. A Saint-Sacrifice is required in order to find your way out of God’s Anus, where the characters’ physical and moral integrity is as compromised as those of Sexy Joel et son Wagyu. A mother is no longer even the Shadow of herself and becomes very menacing, while Clara retreats into blood-curdling delirium in Apotemnofilia. It takes a strong stomach to make it through this intricate concoction of blood and guts.

In order to give the priority to people that already bought their passports, tickets will not be available online for this event. However, it is possible to buy tickets at the room's entrance before the beginning of the projection. Please note that the capacity of tickets sold on the event's site is limited. We therefore suggest arriving at least 30 minutes before the hour of the projection.

Length : 01H30
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