Saguenay international
short film festival


Quebec Critic Award AQCC Award winning film

The Miracle, a place where the sun always shines, with endless opportunities to relax and food in abundance. But how do you relate to a place that constantly confronts you with the things you don’t have?

Production :
Keplerfilm and Lunanime
Distribution :
Miyu Distribution
Contact :
Animation :
Geertrui De Vijlder, Jasmine Elsen, Timothée Crabbe, Nienke Deutz, Marie-Hélène Van Thuyne, Steven De Beul Digna Van Der Put, Ben Gijsemans, Maxime Lambert, Karolien Raeymaekers, Annechien Strouven, Nienke Deutz
Music :
Mark Schilders

In competition for :

Jury Award

Best animation

AQCC award

Audience award Official competition

  • Nienke Deutz

    Nienke Deutz is a director and animator based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Exploring the narrative and visual possibilities animated film has to offer, she looks to combine various animation techniques and ways of storytelling. She was awarded a Wildcard from the Flanders film fund for her graduation film 1,2,3 piano! Her debut film Bloeistraat 11 won over 30 awards.