Saguenay international
short film festival


Two underground smugglers in a modified rally car transport an unwilling hostage across a contested border.

Production :
9366-2443 Quebec inc.
Distribution :
9366-2443 Quebec inc.
Contact :
Animation :
Santiago Menghini
Music :
Theo Porcet
Sound designer :
Theo Porcet
Cinematographer :
Olivier Gossot

In competition for :

Canadian Grand Prize

Jury Award

Best animation


Audience award Official competition

  • Santiago Menghini

    Santiago Menghini is a director, visual effects artist, and producer. Santiago is known for his short films Intruders (2014), Voyagers (2015), Milk (2018), Red Wine (2019), and Regret (2020). He is also know for his feature film No One Gets Out Alive (2021).