Saguenay international
short film festival


It is summertime. Jade, Romain, and Benjamin are living in a hostel where they work, on the banks of the Saguenay River. The days are divised between hostel maintenance, summer wanderings and drunk nights. When Benjamin leaves without a word, the trio becomes a duo.

Production :
Distribution :
Contact :
Music :
Benjamin Bruyère and Thomas Dakin
Sound designer :
Alexis Bouffard-Dumas
Screenplay :
Samuel Gagnon-Pitre
Cast :
Benjamin Bruyère, Quentin Kravtchenko and Léa St-Pierre
Editing :
Alexa Gagnon
Cinematographer :
William Albu
Artistic direction :
Marie-Pier Jacques

In competition for :

Public Award - Parallel Competition

Shoot No Matter What Award

  • Samuel Gagnon-Pitre

    Samuel was born in Jonquière, in 1998, two years after the Saguenay flood. Fascinated by creation since he was little, he progressively developed a love of cinema centered around acting. His artistic universe marries hard naturalism and light absurdity, all along questioning our relationship to heritage and contemporaneity.