Saguenay international
short film festival


80-year-old Tzvi tries to educate his rebellious grandson by taking him on a trip to the desert, only to find out that the generational gap between them is as wide as the extreme sceneries surrounding them. The impossible journey comes to its end in the only imaginable way.

Production :
Distribution :
Costanza Film Distribution
Contact :
Music :
Nir Tsfati
Sound designer :
Shachaf Wagshall
Screenplay :
Yaniv Linton
Cast :
Yankale Mezare and Itzik Zizi
Editing :
Margarita Linton

  • Yaniv Linton

    Yaniv began his artistic journey as a still photographer.
    He studied at the Sam Spiegel Film School, and his graduation film, Tateh, has won numerous awards in Israel and abroad. Since graduating in 2011, Yaniv works as a cinematographer, shooting feature films, TV dramas and documentaries, as well as teaching cinematography at the Sam Spiegel film school and giving private lessons.