Saguenay international
short film festival


On a late night, Thomas receives an impromptu visit from Karen, an old friend with a troubled past he hasn’t seen in years. But things are not as they seem…

Production :
From outer space films
Distribution :
From outer space films
Contact :
Music :
Laurent Bélec
Sound designer :
Jacob Marcoux, Jean-Christophe Moreau and David Tremblay
Screenplay :
Nebojsa Kovacevic
Cast :
Ariane Bélanger and Tobie Pelletier
Editing :
Nebojsa Kovacevic
Cinematographer :
Sébastien Blais
Artistic direction :
Rosalie Fortier

  • Nebojsa Kovacevic

    Passionate about cinema, Nebojsa Kovacevic completed a certificate in film studies at Université Laval before undertaking a bachelor's degree in Cinema at UQAM. The Wanderer is his first achievement outside of school.