Saguenay international
short film festival


Leti, a 12-year-old girl who lives in one of Pristina's most urbanized neighborhoods, spends all her time outside with Dona, her next-door friend of the same age. Because of Dona’s experience with boys and other things, Leti begins to feel inferior to her. She feels like she doesn’t fit in their friendship.

Production :
Distribution :
Contact :
Music :
Enes Bajramliqi
Sound designer :
Labinot Sponca
Screenplay :
Yll Bylykbashi and Trëndelina Halili
Cast :
Rrezarta Haziraj and Hana Limani
Editing :
Ermal Gerdovci and Trendelina Halili
Cinematographer :
Naum Doksevski

  • Trëndelina Halili

    Trëndelina is a graduate of the Faculty of Mass Communication and Journalism at AAB and Film and Television Directing at Prishtina University. She worked first as a video editor and then as a freelance video journalist producing multimedia stories and documentaries with focus on human rights topics.