Saguenay international
short film festival


Teenager Ly and her cousins get high before a boisterous family Thanksgiving at their auntie’s house in southeast San Diego in 2006. Stoned and harboring a romance with her maybe-boyfriend, Ly moves through her family's gossip, nosiness, and loudness until the day ends.

Production :
Boulevard Film LLC
Contact :
Sound designer :
Will Kurzner
Screenplay :
Kayla Galang
Cast :
Whitney Agustin, Melissa Arcaya, Kailyn Dulay, Gina Gimongala and Elle Rodriguez
Editing :
Kayla Galang and Matt Stryker
Cinematographer :
Rajinee Buquing

In competition for :

Grand Prize

Jury Award

Quebec Critic Award AQCC

Public Award - Official Competition

  • Kayla Galang

    Born in Olongapo City, Philippines, and raised in San Diego, California, and Houston, Texas, Kayla Abuda Galang is a second-generation Filipino American filmmaker exploring themes of home, family, and belonging. She lives with her partner and two cats in Austin, Texas, where she works as a producer and editor at the University of Texas in the College of Liberal Arts.