Saguenay international
short film festival

Focus : Young Chinese Directors

China is no stranger to controversy, in particular those of the ethical and political kind, but despite its many upheavals, the government is encouraging and stimulating the creation and interest for national cinema. The program here is as gripping as it is surprising with certain issues really coming to the fore. Young filmmakers in China have many concerns but, in this program, we show those leaning to the social themes of money, children and the place of women in society. Unfortunately, although this global economic power renewed its position on gender equality in the 1980s, Chinese culture is still very attached to its old traditions and patriarchal beliefs that place the male sex firmly first. Among the documentaries, fictions and animations in the program, we accompany a young mother who leaves her village in order to earn money for her father’s medical care; a director telling us about her grandmother who was sold in a prearranged marriage; and a man desperately trying to have a child with his wife. We end in style with the winner of the Palme d'Or in Cannes, a film following the nocturnal adventures of two young students getting to know the adult world.

Length : 01H30
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