Saguenay international
short film festival


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From Mexico and Colombia to Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Venezuela, Americana offers a great overview of Latin American short films. In the comedy Anillo de bodas (Wedding ring), a grave digger in a Mexican village exhumes a body in order to steal its wedding ring. In Colombia, a macabre discovery, Sombras Nada Más (Nothing But Shadows), leads Marisol and her neighbours into a maelstrom of superstitions. AliEN0089 is a story about gaming that blows us away with its technique and originality, telling a tale at the boundary of reality and virtuality. That same border is also explored in Boi de Conchas (The Shell Covered Ox), in which Rayane, a young Brazilian metalhead, flirts with surrealism when several local teens mysteriously turn into bulls. The very short film Thick Skin uses dance to reveal the architectural beauty and intense life of the city of Bogota. And, against the backdrop of Venezuelan plains, Audio y el Caimán follows Audio in his quest to prove that there’s an alligator in his pond. A perfect session for anyone who’s growing just a tad weary of winter.

In order to give the priority to people that already bought their passports, tickets will not be available online for this event. However, it is possible to buy tickets at the room's entrance before the beginning of the projection. Please note that the capacity of tickets sold on the event's site is limited. We therefore suggest arriving at least 30 minutes before the hour of the projection.

Length : 01H30