Saguenay international
short film festival


Sirius, a lone star in the form of a dark-skinned man, has collapsed to earth. What little space he found on his host planet, he works to provide food and shelter for him and his wife, Angèle. One winter's day, the firmament calls him back, Sirius takes the long way leaving his wife behind. Their journey tells of the fertility of this sojourn for Sirius. The story that's often overlooked, that of how the earth fed the sky.

Production :
Distribution :
La Distributrice de films
Contact :
Music :
Noah Sherrin
Sound designer :
Andres Solis
Cast :
Nadine Jean and Hamidou Savadogo
Editing :
Jean-Bastien Niyigaruye and Arto Paragamian
Cinematographer :
Clark Ferguson
Artistic direction :
Lisa Laquitaine

In competition for :

Canadian Grand Prize

Jury Award


Audience award Official competition

  • Jean-Bastien Niyigaruye

    Jean-Bastien Niyigaruye, originally from Burundi, lives in Montreal. Working mainly in the visual arts, he recently embarked on the adventure of cinema as a director and scriptwriter. For him, cinema is a continuation of his interest in drawing, painting and sculpture.