Saguenay international
short film festival


Dipsas Speaks is a poetic reflection on the human-wildlife conflict in the Andean Amazon cloud forest in Ecuador. An inoffensive snake observes changes in her world.

Production :
Future History Films and Pulpam, Audiovisual
Distribution :
Future History Films
Contact :
Music :
Katherine Benson and Alexander Leon
Sound designer :
Daniel Torres
Screenplay :
Craig Leon
Cast :
Laura Donoso
Editing :
Damian Edi
Cinematographer :
Jaime Culebras, Damian Edi and Jaime Palacios

In competition for :

Best youth short film

  • Craig Leon

    Craig is an avid environmentalist who uses film as a means of expression, working with local film crews and trying to present a balanced viewpoint. He commits most of his time in the Cloud Forest Organics reforestation project in the Ecuadorian Amazon Cloud Forest, monitoring native tree growth and its impact on wildlife.