Saguenay international
short film festival


When seagulls suddenly attack, one small herring finds itself stranded in a tidal pool. As it searches desperately for a way out, it discovers many other sea creatures here.

Production :
Catpics AG
Distribution :
Contact :
Animation :
Simon Eltz, Ramon Schoch and Lena Von Döhren
Music :
Martin Waespe
Sound designer :
Tobias Diggelmann, Thomas Gassmann and Martin Waespe
Screenplay :
Eva Rust and Lena Von Döhren
Editing :
Fee Liechti

In competition for :

Best youth short film

  • Lena Von Döhren

    Born 1981 in Berlin, Germany. 2007 Bachelor in Audio-Visual Communication at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. 2011 Master’s in Design, Major Animage from the HSLU (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, Design & Art). The idea for the Little Bird came about during my master‘s degree. All four films in the mini-series THE LITTLE BIRD celebrated their world premiere at the Berlinale.

  • Eva Rust

    Born 1986 in Zurich, Switzerland, she’s a Bachelor of Visual Communication with a focus on illustration nonfiction from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, Design & Art. In addition to her work as an illustrator, she teaches at the School for Design in Bern and Biel. Her picture books have been published by various publishers internationally.