Saguenay international
short film festival


The artist Marja hunts down a sheet of paper that’s trying to escape from her. In the process, she manages to turn her room upside down. A spectacle dripping with wonderful colours!

Production :
Turku University of Applied Sciences
Distribution :
Turku University of Applied Sciences
Contact :
Animation :
Katariina Haukka and Niko Niemelä
Music :
Metsätähti Allan, Karhinen Atte, Marko Hietala, Anna-Sofia Kallio, Emma-Lina Laaksonen, Oliver Müller and Kristiina Palviainen
Sound designer :
Kristiina Palviainen
Screenplay :
Katariina Haukka
Cast :
Paula Kovanen
Editing :
Katariina Haukka
Cinematographer :
Niko Niemelä
Artistic direction :
Katariina Haukka

In competition for :

Best youth short film

  • Katariina Haukka

    Born in 1998, Katariina Haukka has graduated from Turku Arts Academy as an animation director and producer in the spring of 2022. The Paper is her graduating film. The film got a grant from the Finnish Film Fondation and was bought in advance by the Finnish Broadcasting Company. Katariina’s first film was a drawing short film titled Rinse and Shine.