Saguenay international
short film festival


Mélanie, newly separated, spends a weekend at her mother’s house with her 8-year-old son, Tom, who is still unaware of the breakup. In the shadows, a creature on the prowl for fresh meat lies in wait, looking for their weak spots in order to lure them into its lair.

Production :
David Émond-Ferrat and Kino Montréal
Distribution :
David Émond-Ferrat
Contact :
Music :
Pierre Desmarais
Sound designer :
Frédéric Lavigne
Screenplay :
David Émond-Ferrat and Alex Juillet
Cast :
Martin Blais, Catherine Côté-Moisescu, Myriam Fournier, Eugène Pascalau and Karl Thinel
Editing :
David Émond-Ferrat
Cinematographer :
François Pesant
Artistic direction :
Paskale Jobin

  • David Émond-Ferrat

    A television editor and the director of several short films, David Émond-Ferrat showcases his ability to give the impression of high production values thanks to his creativity, his unique visual and auditory signature, consistent pacing, and the complex human characters that populate his films. His rich body of work blends entertainment with sensitivity.