Saguenay international
short film festival


Young adults Haruka, Nana, and Takanori visit their friend Souta, whom they’ve not heard from for a while, only to find his house in a mess and his behaviour a little strange.

Contact :
Editing :
Masashi Komino
Cast :
Shiho, Saki Hirai, Haruki Itabashi and Ryuta Endo
Producer :
Cinematographer :
Masashi Komino

  • Kenichi Ugana

    Born April 20, 1984, from Tokyo, he has been an actor since 2001. In that process, he started to aspire to be a film director and began directing independent films in 2005. He has been selected for a lot of film festivals both in Japan and overseas. And in 2011, a special screening of Kenichi Ugana was held at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival.
    He made his debut in theaters in 2016, directing the first feature film in the Japanese "GAL" -themed movie "Ganguro Gal`s Riot".