Saguenay international
short film festival


It is winter. The snow is falling hard in the mountains. Heidi, Lucie, Léonie and Nickie, the yodeling marmots are looking for a shelter for the next 5 months, the time of their hibernation. In their pérégrination, they will meet Denis, a solo and taciturn ibex, who is looking for only one thing : calm and tranquility

Production :
Vivement Lundi
Distribution :
Vivement Lundi
Contact :
Music :
Jeffrey Livingston
Screenplay :
Mathieu Courtois Benjamin Botella
Editing :
Jean-Marie Le Rest

  • Benjamin Botella

    After studying at Université Rennes 2, Benjamin Botella started his career in animation with the trailer for the Travelling Banlieue festival in 1994. He went on to animate many stop-motion productions at Vivement Lundi! and JPL Films.