Saguenay international
short film festival

Best of Ukraine

In support of the filmmakers and the entire Ukrainian population, let's mobilize in large numbers around this program which gathers the best Ukrainian short films of the moment. These films are the eyes of a youth that we hope will be free again and take on an even stronger dimension in this critical period. We witness the first moments in the life of a couple who welcomes their first child. We become attached to this young man who is preparing to meet his new adoptive family. The troubled relationship of a young man and his father surprises us with its crazy and beautiful finale. We spend a night wandering the streets of Kyiv with a group of friends who are partying, and we get a kick out of Kohannia, an animated political-comedy film.

All profits will go directly to the filmmakers, and we're redirecting the public, both in theatres and online, to an organization that is collecting donations to help the situation in Ukraine.

*** Note that exceptionally, these films will be shown in their original version with English subtitles only.

Length : 01H30