Saguenay international
short film festival


Nine-year-old Noée joins her mother on the Breton island of Benac’h. She discovers that everyone on the island knows each other and that they all sail. Noée wants to join them, but her mother can’t afford to sign her up for classes at the sailing club…

Production :
Miyu Productions
Distribution :
Miyu Distribution
Contact :
Music :
Yan Volsy
Screenplay :
Laure Elisabeth Bourdaud & Johanna Goldschmidt

In competition for :

Public Award - Youth Competition

  • Nicolas Hu

    Nicolas Hu is an animator living in Valence, France. He graduated from ESAAT, in Roubaix, in 2005 and from Supinfocom in Valenciennes in 2019. Moules-Frites is the first film he has directed outside of film school.