Saguenay international
short film festival

Big Kids Shorts

This year's Big Kids Shorts program takes you on a journey and celebrates diversity in all its forms.
In Israel, Eviah will face a terrifying challenge. In the mountains of Nepal, young music enthusiasts will try to make their mark. In the Galapagos Islands, Sheldon the little crab will find a tool that will change his life. Under a teepee, a grandmother will tell her grandchildren precious legends. We then travel to Brittany, where Noée will live a memorable summer. Back in Quebec, Margot will have to make a decision about Lou, her handicapped little sister. Finally, we leave for a last world tour that reminds us that homosexuality is everywhere in nature!

Through fiction, documentary and animation, these short films are an introduction to auteur cinema that will fuel discussions for hours, and memories for years.

For 8 years old and up. Admission: 7$ (tickets on sale at the box office only)
Arrive early, activities await you in the hall!

Length : 01H30
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