Saguenay international
short film festival

In partnership with the Jazz & Blues Saguenay Festival - With her 6 musicians, Sheenah Ko presents her second album, Future is Now, Written and recorded in her new home in Saguenay. When she is not busy with Les Besnard Lakes, Le Couleur, Antoine Corriveau and many other, Sheenah likes to make experimental synth-pop music. Future is Now is a collection of improvised songs, sometimes dance, sometimes trance, they are contemplative and filled with hope. Her shows are inspiring and energizing with lots of interactions with her audience. The sound is large and filled with layers of synth, percussion rhythms, groovy bass, a battery that goes on and a luxurious and captivating voice. This project is made possible by the government of Canada through the Musicaction Foundation.

Free for REGARD passport holders.
20$ tx included | Tickets on sale on the Jazz & Blues Saguenay Festival website.

Sheenah Ko
March 26 - 10:00PM
Naya Ali
March 26 - 11:30PM
Carla Blanc and Luis Clavis
March 26 - 11:59PM