Saguenay international
short film festival

  • 10h00
    about 8 hours

For her exhibition "Une chambre à soi" the artist Nélanne Racine draws her inspiration from the title of an essay by author Virginia Woolf. She refreshes her artistic practice by glorifying a space separated from domestic life; a workspace, necessary for creation. She sets up a new cycle of creation with cinema as the starting point through an intuitive investigation of the large and small stories offered by auteur films.

Une chambre à soi
March 23 - 10:00AM
BIG BANG !?#$*SACRÉ&*#?!
March 23 - 04:00PM
Virtual Reality
March 24 - 05:00PM
Virtual Reality
March 25 - 05:00PM
Virtual Reality
March 26 - 05:00PM