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short film festival

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This year we are inaugurating a series of podcasts, recorded on-site in the comfort of a Mixbus mobile studio painted in REGARD colours.

Each episode welcomes a filmmaker from one of the 13 short films in running for the Canadian Grand Prix, to discuss their work and their love of the short film format. Warmth and openness will be the name of the game at these informal discussions. The interviews will be filmed and put on the REGARD online platform as bonus content.

The voice of REGARD, Nicky Lamontagne, will discuss the following films:

- Au bras du lac ;
- Belle River ;
- Brasier ;
- Druh (NB : the episode will be recorded in English) ;
- Falena ;
- La Soeur de Margot ;
- Marco & Polo Go Round ;
- Réminiscences ;
- Sikiitu ;
- Suzanne & Chantal ;
- Tétanos ;
- Triangle noir ;
- Tulipe conne.

NB : Keep in mind most episodes will be recorded in French.

Court toujours ! – The official REGARD Podcast
April 1 - 12:00AM