Saguenay international
short film festival

(B)romance with benefits

A program that explores the limits of friendship and intimacy among men. From the tender violence of Bromance to the expression of “virility” in Krush The Wrestler, physical proximity is depicted in particularly masculine forms. Forbidden tenderness always finds an opening in Buffer Zone, and takes root in the delicacy of a friendship among three summer lovers in Après juin, avant août. Meanwhile, everything is allowed in Os Animais Mais Fotos e Engraçados do Mundo (The Cutest and Funniest Animals in the World). Finally, we take the measure of longing in La distance entre le ciel et nous in which romance is only a spontaneous encounter away – if you’re up for it.

In order to give the priority to people that already bought their passports, tickets will not be available online for this event. However, it is possible to buy tickets at the room's entrance before the beginning of the projection. Please note that the capacity of tickets sold on the event's site is limited. We therefore suggest arriving at least 30 minutes before the hour of the projection.

Length : 01H30
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