Saguenay international
short film festival


While the townsfolk are celebrating the village's anniversary parade, Étienne tries the impossible: to show them how beautiful his family’s cacophony really is.

Production :
Silène Films
Distribution :
Contact :
Music :
Mathieu Robineau and Dâvi Simard
Sound designer :
Olivier Calvert
Screenplay :
Alexandre Isabelle
Cast :
Bruno Bouchard and Dâvi Simard
Editing :
Myriam Magassouba
Cinematographer :
Isabelle Stachtchenko
Artistic direction :
Pier Ann St-Jean

In competition for :

Canadian Grand Prize

Jury Award


Audience award Official competition

  • Alexandre Isabelle

    Quebec City filmmaker and philosophy teacher Alexandre Isabelle envisions his short films as aphorisms. Through their poetry, he seeks to inspire existential reflections. Since 2021, his short Therefore, Socrates Is Mortal continues its tour of national and international festivals. 2024 will be the year of the release of his new short À toi les oreilles.