Saguenay international
short film festival


Sabine, a fishmonger, worn out by her daily routine, finds a new lease on life after an unexpected visit to a fine arts museum

Production :
Animal Tank and Bagan Films
Distribution :
Bagan Films
Contact :
Screenplay :
Nelson Polfliet
Cast :
Marijke Pinoy
Cinematographer :
Sander Vandenbroucke

  • Nelson Polfliet

    Nelson Polfliet (1989) is a Belgian writer and director. In 2019 he graduated at LUCA School of Arts Brussels with his short film In The Palace. One year earlier, he made a name for himself with his 2nd end of year project and festival favorite Stacey and the Alien. Polfliets films are often very musical, with a lot of imagination and an eye for kitsch. Portrait of a Disappearing Woman is his firt film produced.