Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay

REGARD - Saguenay International Short Film Festival is the largest short film festival in North America. Established in 1995 and growing steadily ever since, the event presents nearly two hundred short films from Quebec and around the world every year. The REGARD Festival has the mission of promoting independent short films that reflect an innovative spirit and demonstrate a high-quality artistic approach.

REGARD - Saguenay International Short Film Festival includes an international competition, a parallel competition and a youth competition. It also presents themed selections. Nearly $100,000 CAD in grants and services are awarded to the winning filmmakers. The two Grand Prize winners for the official competition are eligible for consideration for the Live Action Oscars category. REGARD has several juries to select the winners: the official jury, the audience jury, the young cinephiles jury, the parallel jury and the AQCC and FIPRESCI critics’ juries.


The REGARD Festival will exceptionnally hold his 25th edition from June 9 to 13, 2021. 





A registration fee of $ 30 CAD is applicable from June 1 to January 15, 2021. The regular cost of $ 45 returns from January 16 until the end of the film call period, the 15th February 2021.

Submissions will be considered complete once all fees have been paid and the form completed, including a link to the screener. No physical screeners will be returned.



> Read and accept the rules.

> Complete the submission form.

> Pay the submission fee via PayPal.

>Submit the form electronically.


Your submission will be processed once we have received all required materials and fees.

The person responsible for each submission will receive an answer at least one month before the festival.

The submission deadline is February 15th.





The Official Competition

> Grand Prize

> Canadian Grand Prize

> Jury Prize

> Audience Award

> Best Animated Short Film Award

> Best Documentary Short Film Award

> Quebec Critics Award AQCC

> International FIPRESCI Critic’s Award



The Parallel Competition

> Shoot No Matter What!

> Americana

> 100% Regions


Youth Short Film Competition

> Best Youth Short Film



The Thematic Selection

Carte blanche, retrospective, panorama, focus, short genre films, experimental, documentary films, etc. The main goal behind these thematic programs is to build bridges with other festivals and countries, and to foster collaboration. The selection committee draws inspiration from recurring films and themes during the year in order to curate programs of.Eligibility criteria for the official competition



Eligibility criteria for the Official Competition


> Priority will be given to films completed in 2020 and exceptionally in 2019 too;

> Films submitted to REGARD in previous years will not be considered.

> Only World, North American and Canadian Premieres are eligible for the Grand Prize and Canadian Grand Prize. 

> Films nominated for the Canadian Grand Prize can also be eligible for the Grand Prize.

> Films eligible for the Canadian Grand Prize must be made by a Canadian filmmaker or by a filmmaker residing in Canada.

> A Canadian film can only receive one Grand Prize from the official competition per edition.

> The Grand Prizes cannot be awarded to two tied films.

> Documentaries and animated films are eligible for all awards, including the two Grand Prizes, if they have their World, North American or Canadian premiere at the Festival

> All Canadian films are eligible for awards presented by the Fédération de la presse cinématographique internationale (FIPRESCI).

> All international films are eligible for awards presented by the Association québécoise des critiques de cinéma (AQCC).

Eligibility criteria for the Parallel Competition


> Only films produced by a filmmaker residing in Quebec are eligible.

> Only films produced independently, without financial assistance from the community and/or institutions, are eligible.

> Priority will be given to debut films.

> An online publication is planned during the Festival to determine the Public Choice Award Unis TV.



AMERICANA Competition

> Only first and second films from filmmakers based in Canada, United States and Latin America will be considered ;

> Only screening links available with french and/or english subtitles dialogues or subtitles will be considered ;

> Priority to short films of 20 minutes and less ;

> Priority to short films that didn’t have a Canadian Premiere.



100% SAGUENAY Competition

> Priority will be given to films made by filmmakers from or residing in Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean.


Eligibility criteria for the Youth Competition

> Only films selected for the youth section are eligible for the Best Youth Film Award (targeted programs for ages 2 to 17).


Awarding prizes


> The juries’ decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

> In the absence of recipients at the Award Ceremony, awards will be sent by mail at the Festival’s expense and a thank you video will be asked.

> The Festival will then communicate with the filmmaker and rights owner of each winning film to relay information concerning all prizes.

> If the nationality of the filmmaker is different from the country the film was made in, the nationality of the filmmaker will be given priority in establishing eligibility for certain prizes awarded by the Festival.

> In the event that several directors of different nationalities are involved in the project, the Festival reserves the right to review the eligibility for certain prizes awarded by the Festival;

> The Festival reserves the right to present all or only a selection of award-winning short films during the “Winners screening” organized with the film clubs the day after the Festival;

> Filmmakers and distributors of award-winning films shown at the Festival commit to acknowledging that these films were award winners at REGARD in their promotional material, and commit to adding this mention to digital copies of the film.

Screening copies

> Films selected must be sent in ProRes format.

> All films must be subtitled in English and/or French.

> Back and forth shipping fees for screening copies of the film are the responsibility of participants.

> The Festival covers insurance fees between the receipt and the return of copies to its recipient.

> As far as loss or damage is concerned during that period of time, the festival’s liability only covers the replacement value of the copy of the film.



Stay at the Festival

> It is desirable that each competing film be represented by its maker or by a representative of the film during the event, up to the Awards Ceremony.

> For a limited time, the Festival will pay for accommodations for filmmakers whose films were selected.

> Our guest services team will get in touch with each selected filmmaker to provide all the necessary information concerning transportation, accommodation and festival accreditation.

> Regarding the travel costs of participants from outside Quebec, the Festival can provide an official invitation letter for participants to include in their applications for financial assistance







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