Saguenay international
short film festival


An awkward and carefree father, weakened by his recent break-up, has custody of his young son for the day. He notices that his son is developing a beautiful relationship with his ex-girlfriend's new lover. For fear of being replaced, he decides to show him off by creating a magical father-son moment.

Production :
Colonelle Films
Distribution :
Contact :
Screenplay :
Simon Laganière
Cast :
Stéphane Breton, Laurent Lemaire and Émilie Lévesque
Cinematographer :
Alexandre Lampron

  • Simon Laganière

    This Champlain-born artist mainly made a name for himself through his short film work. Several of his films made the festival circuits. His most recent, Follow the Fox (2014), was nominated for Best Live Action Short Drama at both the Canadian Screen Awards and the Gala Québec Cinéma. Yet Simon Laganière’s impetus to tell stories does not end with cinema. While his film projects proliferate, his band Les Frères Goyette releases four albums. For him, music is just another way to create images and depict a story.