Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay

Italian Focus
L’Italia contemporanea : ricordare, viaggiare, immaginare The Italian Short Film Center is pleased to present this program of contemporary Italian short films. These five experimental works, with their finely crafted cinematography and avant-garde narrative structure, whose images and sounds never stand in the way of telling the story, are sure to captivate you. Bodies, shadows and relics of the past come together in Gli Anni by Sara Fgaier and in the disquieting Ninfe by Isabella Torre. Per tutta la vita, a new animated short by the talented Roberto Catani, is a journey through memory and reminiscences of love. Malo Tempo by Tommaso Perfetti takes us on a trip through time – the kind of time that does not pass, in which movements are repeated ad infinitum. Lastly, Gagarin, mi mancherai by Domenico De Orsi is an invitation to question our imagination in a world where nature is hostile and unpredictable. Domenico De Orsi will be present, along with Eugénie Bottereau of the Italian Short Film Market, for a post-screening discussion.
Durée : 01H30
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