Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay

Haitian Panorama : Contemporary Cinema
A fragmented projection of the portrait of a generation connected to the world and proud of their culture. A look at the work of new filmmakers who “thrust” forward the Haitian contemporary cinema. Their movies are inspired by their lives and tell their stories as a snapshot of youth wanting to make their own films about their tradition, their concerns, their values and their rising voices. In a context of globalization of culture and facing production and broadcast challenges, those autodidacts who graduated from cinema schools or again those relentless artists are making movies, and they have started to change the course of the national film production of their country. Between friends or colleagues and in collaboration with creators throughout the world, some unique films emerge from this small mountainous island whose culture is genuine. A little sunshine in our winter won’t hurt, will it? A screening presented by Maxence Bradley, followed by a Q&A session with the director of Cité Troublée, Andre Deave Oxence Decime. In collaboration with Festival Nouvelles Vues d'Haïti.
Durée : 01H30
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