Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay

Body Language
16+One of the things that makes cinema special is its ability to meld with other art forms. When it flirts with dance, it can reach awe-inspiring peaks of beauty, eccentricity and freedom. Since the living arts have been deprived of their venues for more than a year, film has become more important than ever as a means of keeping the art of movement alive and reaching audiences, who find themselves closer to the dancers than ever. Here, a young woman maintains a physical dialogue with urban architecture, a naked couple perform a stunning contemporary choreography with some classical touches, a photographer and a dancer let loose in 2541 freeze-frames, a contortionist meets a mechanic, and the Ballet national de Marseille thrills us with a sublime, electrifying video. A program that will pry open your cocoon and give you the urge to spread your wings.
Durée : 02H00
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