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court métrage au saguenay

Sex Education
18+Consent. Doubt. Exploration. Sexuality is such a vast and complex topic, it’s incredible that we don’t talk about it more. Unfortunately, when we do talk about it, it’s usually to denounce abusive or unwelcome behaviour. There’s a dire need in our society to pull back the curtain, shatter taboos and shift attitudes. Simply put, this program is all about talking more freely and openly. It’s about exploring the many facets of sex, its many positions, from many points of view – critical, funny and sometimes downright eccentric. A group self-gynecology session, the love life of a gay Arabic-speaker in Montreal, polyamory, parenthood, sex work, and, of course the biggest question of them all: is it possible to do it to music with an irregular beat?
Durée : 02H00
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