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Big Kids Shorts
Opening gate : 6 p.m.Start of screening : 7 p.m.Price : 20$ per car** Please note that all tickets must be purchased online. No tickets will be sold on site.Big Kids Shorts is a program that gives children a memorable initiation to short films and auteur cinema. The selection is focused on shorts that tell the stories of children around the world, whether in fictional, animated or documentary form.We spend some time with Jésus and his sister, who live in Mexico and go to school in a canoe. Verna is a fiercely determined Finnish girl who wants a dog more than anything. Marmote is a boy scout from the Magdalen Islands who decides to rescue his friend, who’s locked up in her house, and take her to camp. Antonin meets his grandfather, Julia embarks on an adventure. In a wonderful group animation, we travel back to 1992 with young environmental activist Severn Suzuki who, just 12 years old at the time, gave a powerful and eloquent speech at the UN’s Rio Summit. Wild creativity and the magic of short film come together in a charming forest-animal opera. Then there’s the tale of a single-parent God who has fun with some new software, and the one about a queen who makes her subjects wear ridiculous clothes.From 8 years old.
Durée : 01H30
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