Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay


Every day concierge Yves Deshommes practices his violin behind the front desk of a Manhattan office building. But during the hours outside his shift, Yves's life is revealed to be equal parts intrepid and inspiring.

Production :
Distribution :
Editing :
Lydia Cornett
Cinematographer :
Kervin Marseille
Artistic direction :
Sean Weiner

In competition for :

Best Youth Short Film

  • Lydia Cornett

    Lydia Cornett is a documentary filmmaker. Her films, Narmin's Birthday and Yves & Variation, focus on artistic performance, personal stories and multilayered characters. As a freelance video producer, she has created content for The New Yorker, Slate Magazine, The Washington Post, Atlas Obscura, and Penguin Random House. Lydia studied in History and Film/Video at Princeton University and is a classically trained violinist and composer.

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