Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay


Unable to cope with the death of her grandmother, Sam becomes convinced that her body is harbouring an alien being that must be removed. There is just one problem, nobody believes her, and instead suspect Sam of trying to murder her grandma.

Production :
Head on the Door Productions
Screenplay :
Sid Zanforlin
Cast :
Melia Cressaty, Al Goulem, Matt Keyes, Bronwen Mantel and Julie Trépanier
Editing :
Stephen Philipson and Lucas Villegas
Cinematographer :
Hong Nguyen
Artistic direction :
Rebecca Webster Blackwood

In competition for :


Canadian Grand Prize

Jury award

Public award

  • Sid Zanforlin

    Sid Zanfroling is a Chilean Canadian director who worked in television, theatre and film. He won a MECCA Award as revelation and he was nominated for Banff Television.

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