Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay


David and Camille take advantage of the game of chess that is set before them to place the pawns of their visions of love on the chessboard of modern relations.

Production :
Distribution :
Music :
Maxime Carpentier
Sound designer :
Bacon Philippe
Screenplay :
Étienne Galloy and Christophe Levac
Cast :
Marguerite Bouchard and Étienne Galloy
Editing :
Nicolas Fontaine and Étienne Galloy
Cinematographer :
Nicolas Fontaine

In competition for :

Shoot no matter what!

  • Christophe Levac

    Christophe Levac studied at the Lionel-Groulx School of Theater before accepting to be part of the cast of L'échappée. He toured the new Les Invisibles series and recently began filming Anne Émond's feature film, Jeune Juliette. He will co-direct his first feature film La Marina with Étienne Galloy in 2019.

  • Étienne Galloy

    Étienne Galloy met Eric K. Boulianne in 2011, which lead them to direct the short film Petit Frère (2013), and the two feature films PRANK and Before we Explode. He will co-direct his first feature film La Marina with Christophe Levac in 2019.

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