Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay


In the village in Guinea-Bissau, everyone knows Renildo and Vanildo: 'Re and Va'. They are the twins who always dance. The boys' mother died when they were 1 and their father could not take care of them. That's why they live with Mama Dila.

Production :
Evangelische omroep
Editing :
Heleen D'Haens and Eva Van Barneveld

In competition for :

Best Youth Short Film

  • Eva Van Barneveld

    Eva van Barneveld is a documentary filmmaker en researcher. She studied Sociology and Journalism at the University of Amsterdam. She works as a freelance researcher for children’s television and human interest programs and makes (youth) documentaries. Renildo & Vanildo, in co-direction with Heleen D’Haens, is her third documentary. Currently, she is working on a film plan for a longer documentary for an adult audience.

  • Heleen D'Haens

    Heleen D'Haens is a journalist and documentary filmmaker. She studied linguistics at KU Leuven (Belgium) and Journalism at the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). Currently, she combines her job as a foreign editor at Dutch public broadcaster NOS with making children's documentaries. Renildo & Vanildo, in co-direction with Eva van Barneveld, is her third documentary.

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